Factions for Coachs

-2000 to -500 KOS

-499 to +499 Neutral

+500 to +2000 Ally

-99 or better to sign coach

Arcadia: Ratmen

Anu village: Kill frost giants.

Blackburrow Gnolls: Slesher Gnolls.

Bastable Village: Kill goblins at Moss Mouth Caverns.

Bobble-by-water: Kill Dark Elfs in the Green Rift Zone!

Blackwater: Named trolls in Mog THug village sw of BW coach (Delf and trolls get bad faction for doing this), Gatorweres

Castle Lightwolf: Ice goblins and Ice giants in Vox Castle, Zentar's Keep guards/mobs.

Dark Solace: Ragel guards in Aviak village zone (C) -- may have to check tower to tower.

Fayspires: Hatebone orcs in Druk and around Teth.

Freeport: Southern border and northern coast of Kara village Orc defenders and seers, Orcs in Thedruk. Bandits by DM.

Forkwatch: Darkwood Goblins at Alseops Wall, blackburrow gnolls

Frogloks of Guk: Kill Undead Minion in Burial Mounds (SE)

Fort Seriak: Talk to Nuriaele near the Neriak coach. For each set of four pristine ravens feathers looted from from Ravens and Snow crows you receive +5 Fort Seriak faction.

Gerntar's Mines: Minos in caves to the north.

Grobb: Frogloks in Grobb and Guk.

Halas: Southern border and northern coast of kara village Orc defenders and seers, Freezeblood Goblins and and around Halas.

Hazinak (Evil): Deathfists in FP and NW Ro.

Hazinak (Good): Temple of Light hunt and collect quest (Recruiter of Marr).

I farmed Truearrows, this gave me bad faction with Haz good coach. Since the truearrows gave me negative fay/teth faction, I killed orcs in Thedruk. After I had positive elf faction again, I was able to coach again to Hazinak Temple with the gnome. Try Thedruk.

Highbourne: Ragel Aviaks, Lizardmen, Tainted rats.

Highpass: Goblins at Mossmouth, Highpass Bandits, Runnyeye goblins.

Honjur: Frogloks in cave, The wandering Frogloks.

Kerplunk: Ragel Aviaks or Lizardmen.

Moradhim: Freezeblood goblins in and around Halas, and Baga Village.

Neriak: Inside city at double dagger inn, kill rats in basement.

Oggok: Lizardmen neophites around Ogaki.

Oasis: Siloths in the SaltMine.

Pusling: Last House Slavers wll fix pusling faction for PoD.

Qeynos: Red earred gnolls or bandits outside of Qeynos. Bandits by DM.

Rivervale: Goblins at Misty Thicket.

Stone of Morthalis: Kobolds, Kerrans west of SoM along shore.

SFG: Slesher Gnolls.

Temby: Nashiers SW of FP.

Tethelin: Hatebone orcs in TheDruk and around Teth.

Wyndhaven: Red earred gnolls or bandits outside of Qeynos, Pickpockets south of Wyndhaven. Bandits by DM.

ZK: Kill Clifton in Murnf, Rangers & Druids in Unkempt, Castle Lightwolf guards.

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