Eternal Desert is a zone primarily consisting of desert and hills. It is bounded on the west by Chiktar Hive and on the east by Sycamore Joy's Rest. To the north lies Box Canyons and Oasis is to the south.
Eternal Desert taksehir camp

Taksehir camp in Eternal Desert (SE)

The average mobs in Eternal Desert are of levels 30 to 40.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Eternal Desert:

  • Fallen Mummy

Points of interestEdit

In Eternal Desert (C) is located an enormous tower that stretches far into the sky.
Eternal Desert Monk tower

Monk tower in Eternal Desert (C)

The Taksehir, mortal enemies of the Nasehir bandits, have several camps in Eternal Desert, including in Eternal Desert (SE).

Raid mobsEdit

The gigantic spider raid mob, Terrorantula, spawns in Eternal Desert.

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