Small but strong, the versatile dwarves are as capable of swinging a sword or club as they are casting a spell to heal an injured comrade. Dwarves call the underground caverns of Moradhim home.

Dwarves are a good-aligned race available to players.


Traditionally a reclusive people, content to mine the depths of the earth as opposed to roam the breadths of its plains, the dwarves are a suspicious, but honest race. They distrust magic (and magic users), preferring to rely on steel of a hammer or the iron of a holy symbol. Dwarves are a stoic, hard-working people, infamous for their stubborn, often-humorless natures. This reputation is not entirely undeserved, as dwarves have an extremely strong sense of honor and duty, and tend to become anxious and irritable when they lack a specific task to apply themselves to. It may be this quality that is ultimately responsible for what may be the dwarves' most widely recognized feature: their love of alcohol. Dwarves have an incredible affinity for strong drink, and have even been known to carry steins of mead or ale with them onto raging battlefields. Moreover, they are as skilled at brewing alcoholic beverages as they are at consuming them; some of Norrath's most prized drinks originated in dwarven taverns, and innovative new drinks emerge from the tunnels of Moradhim regularly. Dwarves are not just respected for their skill at brewing, however. They have also produced some of Norrath's greatest jewelers and blacksmiths, crafts which come naturally to them due to their affinity for living underground and working with the earth and stone around them.

Dwarves are the children of Brell Serilis, the god of underfoot. They are one of the most ancient civilized races on Norrath, on par with the Tunare's elves. Dwarves were, along with these other two races, the result of the Duke of Below's pact with the Mother of All and the Oceanlord to suppress the draconic children of Veeshan, a pact which marked the beginning of Norrath's Elder Age.

Dwarves are cousins to the gnomes, later creations of Brell, and share a similar relationship with kobolds, gnolls, and minotaurs, though one would be hard-pressed to find a dwarf willing to acknowledge any kinship to such beings.

Starting cityEdit

Dwarf characters begin their adventures in the city of Moradhim.

The city of Moradhim is located far below a great mountain, nearing the northern reaches of Tunaria and its arctic grasp.


Dwarf characters may choose from the following classes:

Starting statisticsEdit

Dwarves begin with the following attribute scores:

Cleric 70 70 55 55 85 50 70
Paladin 80 85 60 65 65 50 50
Rogue 70 70 70 80 60 50 55
Warrior 80 85 60 65 65 50 50


The following racial masteries are available to Dwarves:

In addition to class and archetype master classes, the following master class is available to Dwarves:

GoodBarbarianDwarfElfEruditeHalflingHuman (Western)
NeutralGnomeHuman (Eastern)
EvilDark ElfOgreTroll

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