PoD Outdoor Map3
Dungeons are typically large indoor, underground, and occasionally outdoor structures that are typically home to powerful raid bosses. Dungeons often require a complete group, or groups, of adventurers in order to be traversed without certaind death.

EQOA dungeons include:

  • Blackburrow
  • Darkwood Keep
  • Envar
  • Guk
  • Solusek's Eye
  • Tomb of Kings
  • Toxxulia's Lair
  • Permafrost Keep

Dungeon MapsEdit

Solusek's eye

solusek's eye


Tomb of kings

tomb of kings

South-Toxxulia Dungeon

toxxulia's liar

Guk dungeon

guk dungeon

The-Warrens Dungeon

the warrens den dungeon



Isle-of-Dread Outdoor Map1


Important InformationEdit

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