Druid's Watch is a zone primarily consisting of forests. It is bounded on the west by Qeynos Prison and on the east by Spider Mine. To the north lies Hagley and Stoneclaw is to the south.
Druid's Watch

Druid's Watch

The following mobs are typically encountered in Druid's Watch.

  • Boar
  • Lava Beetle

Points of interestEdit

Druid's Watch itself is located in Druid's Watch (W) and is a small enclave of druids nearby a hollowed out tree.

A path meanders through the zone from Druid's Watch towards Melton, a small town located in Druid's Watch (S). Melton features a spiritmaster, blacksmith, and numerous other vendors.
Druids Watch Melton

The town of Melton in Druid's Watch (S)

Slightly north east of Melton is an old tower, haunted by ghosts and other undead.
Druids Watch tower

Undead tower in Druid's Watch (SE)

It is located in Druid's Watch (SE). In Druid's Watch (N) is a small encampment of orcs. They are commanded by their shaman leader Gogra.
Druids Watch orc camp

Runic symbols circle a campfire at the orc camp in Druid's Watch (N)

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