Drugnun is a troll the spawns in the Slesher outpost in Surefall Glade (SE).

A troll mercenary from the Brokenskull clan, Drugnun is third-in-command within Slesher. Like the gnolls therein, he is an outcast himself, and a Brokenskull only by birth. Scrawny by Troll standards, Drugnun only barely survived his adolescence by sheer determination and tenacity. Next to a gnoll runt though, Drugnun is a towering mass of destruction. He insists that he is a mercenary though and not a member of the outpost, demanding regular payment. The payment is meager to Grenal, the necromancer lord of Slesher, so it is paid with little concern. Drugnun directly commands an "elite" force of runts, which act as the strong arm of Grenal's army.


Drugnun has no known unique loot, although will invariably drop an iron targe.

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