A list of Dragons

Pox in Plane of Disease.

Uzra in Plane of Disease.

Lord Nagafen in Solusek's Eye.

Skayhir in Box Canyons.

Lady Vox in Permafrost.

Siliskor in Elephant Graveyard.

Toxuilla in South Toxuilla.

Aeyinar on Snow Chain of Plane of Sky. Edit Text

A list of NOT Dragons.

Quintessence of Veeshan on Desolation Chain of Plane of Sky. (Wyrm)

Chimeraen the Tyrant on Rain Chain of Plane of Sky. (Chimerian)

Parathior by Anu Village. (Big chunky Ice monkey)

Chardith (Big Animation thingy)

Snowgrin in Permafrost.

Noroxus in Plane of Disease. (Hydra)

I want to see a dragon NOW!

Your best bet will be getting someone to rez you over to Snow and see Aeyinar, because most of the others dragons are needed for the PoS port quest and are camped 24/7.

Some of the 50+ quests offer spawnable versions of dragons -- Arios 55 has Skahyir and Lavastorm 57 has Siliskor and Lady Vox to name a few.

Inferno drakes in Box Canyon I believe see through invis (or else my invis just happened to always fail right in front of a few inferno drakes everytime I run my way through there) You can for the most part avoid them by staying up on the wall of the canyon as best as you can.

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