Diren Village is a zone primarily consisting of snowy hills. It is bounded on the west by Gramash Ruins (although not directly accessible due to impassable mountain wall) and on the east by Moradhim. To the north lies Freezeblood Village and Mt. Hatespike is to the south.
Diren Village

Looking across the river to Diren Village

The average mobs in Diren Village are of levels 10 to 30.

Points of interestEdit

In Diren Village (N) lies the village itself. It is a town of primarily barbarians although the dwarves from Moradhim in the east are welcomed openly. Diren Village features many of the amenities of larger cities including a blacksmith and other vendors.

Overlooking Diren Village from the nearby mountain top is Diren Hold, the keep of the lords of Diren Village.

East of Diren Village, across the river, are numerous Frosteye Orc camps.
Diren Village Frosteye Camp

Frosteye Camp in Diren Village (W)

One such camp in Diren Village (W) also houses the Frosteye slave pens - here the Frosteye have enslaves, and routinely kill, unfortunate dwarves, elves, humans, and barbarians.
Diren Village Frosteye Slavepens

Frosteye slavepens in Diren Village (W)

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