Dinbak Tae Ew camp 2
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Swamp
Named Mobs: Champion Skrak
Heirophant Thresh
Hulthu the Dark
Urthax Fleshrend
Borders: N: Lake Noregard
E: Stone Watchers
S: Open Sea
W: Cazic Thule

Dinbak is a zone consisting primarily of swamp. It is bounded on the west by Cazic Thule and on the east by Stone Watchers. To the north lies Lake Noregard and open sea is to the south.

The average level of mobs in Dinbak is 41-45. The following mobs are typically encountered in Dinbak:

  • Deadwood
  • Night griffon
  • Tae Ew Crusader
  • Tae Ew Devastator
  • Tae Ew Knight

Points of interestEdit

A large tae ew settlement is found in Dinbak (NE). Heirophant Thresh is found within one of the main buildings in the compound.

Slightly north-east of the large tae ew settlement is a pyramid where the fearsome tae ew warlord Champion Skrak spawns.

The tae ew have also settled the shore line in Dinbak (C), operating a small port and look-out towards along the coast line. Urthax Fleshrend may be found here, flanked by tae ew crusaders and devastators.

Hulthu the Dark, a corrupted treant roams the swamps in Dinbak (E).


Dinbak Tae Ew camp
Dinbak docks
Dinbak Tae Ew camp 2

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