Desert Hate

Desert Hate nw
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Desert
Borders: N: Ferran's Hope
E: Deathfist Citadel
S: Deathfist Horde
W: Dshinn's Redoubt

Desert Hate is a zone consisting primarily of forests in the north and desert in the south. It is bounded on the west by Dshinn's Redoubt and on the east by Deathfist Citadel. To the north lies Ferran's Hope and Deathfist Horde is to the south.

The average mobs in Desert Hate are of levels 35 to 45.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Desert Hate:

  • Green Jelly
  • Lion Matriarch
  • Stone Spider

Points of interestEdit

Desert Hate is primary controlled by the deathfist orcs. The deathfist operate camps out of Desert Hate (C) and (SE).

Deserted camps can be found in Desert Hate (N) and (W).

Cherished by the elves, in Desert Hate (C), an ancient protector lives within a stone circle.

A large bone structure is located in Desert Hate (E), likely the rib cage of a massive dragon from ages past.

The fearsome lion Ironclaw is occasionally found roaming the hills in northern Desert Hate.

A large monument stands in Desert Hate (S).


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