Class Masteries and CM Guide 101

Any character level 6 or above is eligible to earn Class Mastery (CM) points. The menu for Class Mastery is under Character menu.

Open the Class Mastery, you'll see a screen (Masteries Owned List) which lists all the currently owned masteries that you have, which is probly none at the moment!

While looking at the Owned List, hit the SQAURE button to set your CM percentages, which is, how much of the XP you earn from a fight will go towards CMs. If you set it to 50% then half of all XP goes to CM points. Now grind some some XP and CMs. When you collect some CMs overtime, you can spend them on Masteries that will make your toon better!

While looking at the Owned List, press R1 to see the Available List screen. These are the Masteries that you can currently buy, more will become available later on as you level up, and others will open up when you buy certain Masteries.

While looking at the Available List screen, you can hit left or right until you see a list of Available options, Racial, Class, etc...

Hodstock has excellent Mastery info. But, since they don't provide a link to my site, I am not providing a link to them from here. ... so there! :)

CM Tips

The maximum points you can have is your character's level times 25. At level 33, the max you can have is 825. At level 60, the max is 1500. The max means that your total Available + Spent points cannot exceed that total. If you reach the max for your level, all further XP will be diverted to levelling, ignoring your settings until you level up.

At level 60, all XP you earn is automatically diverted toward CM points. You can remove unwanted CMs, but you won't get the Spent points back. However, the Spent points are wiped from your total, so if you're near your max points, you can remove things to clear up some room. If you remove all your CMs, the next point you earn will cost 250,000 XP again. buying HP FACTOR +1 will give you 1 base HP times your character's level. The HP equation looks like this: HP = Level * ((STA / 11) + X) X is the HP Factor, which varies by archetype. It's 24 for tanks, 16 for melee, 13 for priests, and either 10 or 11 for casters. Adding HP FACTOR increases X permanently.


The cost of a cm scales based on how many you have TOTAL. Both saved and spent.

You won't cm faster by saving all of them. There are still people out there that think that they can just wait to spend them that way it'll be fast as hell. This is not the case.

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