Charisma is a statistic in EQOA primarily associated with healing efficacy.


Charisma increases the effectiveness of healing spells - although with diminishing returns as one's Charisma statistic increases. Charisma generally increases one's heals by 25% of the charisma statistic. Consider the following example, based on the Druid spell Celestial Healing:

Charisma Heal per tick
300 725
350 737
400 750
450 762
500 775
550 787
600 800

Thus, Celestial Healing, which heals a base amount of 650 HP per tick, is increased to 800 per tick with a Charisma of 600 (150, or 25% of 600). And accordingly, increasing one's Charisma from 550 to 600 effectively only contributes 13 point of heals, or 1.625% of the maximum healing of Celestial Healing - thus only in the most extraordinary circumstances is such a Charisma score worthwhile.

Charisma also effects the duration of charm spells, for Enchanters.

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