Where To Buy 55+ Scrolls List

  • Warriors - CLW
  • Paladin - Marr's Fist (Temple of Light)
  • SK - Zentar's Keep
  • Clerics - HP church
  • Druids - Archdruid's Tree near Murnf
Two Druid Port Spells
1.) is a port to SBC/South Barren Coast. If you can find a 50+ druid, he can port you right to it. If not, go to SBC (s) and find a big hill with a Druid stone on it and Sage Within is there. He sells for 15k I believe.
2.) is a port to Lake Rathe. If you can find a 50+ Druid, he can port you right to it. If not go to Lake Rathe and find a big hill with a druid stone on it and Sage Wythin is there. He sells for 15k i believe. (not sure of location, but if you know where the underwater tunnel is to Grundle, it is the big hill next to that lake.)
  • Shaman - Matilda, in Spirit Talkers Wood (c)
  • Rogues - Guard Tower in MTG
  • Bards - Garden in MTG
  • Rangers - Downstairs from Daresh in Murnf
  • Monks - Endless Tower (place where 43rd quests are)
  • Alchemists - Mechanical Tower just outside Klick Anon on the pond. (the tower with the ramps going up)
  • Wizards - Kelinar, top of right tower when facing main complex - Wizards - Highpass up the ramp,inside the building, from the banker.
  • Magicians - Elemental Towers (almost directly west from DM coach about a 1 to 2 minute run)
  • Enchanters - Crazed experiments in Jared's Blight. Enchanter Driasa is who you buy the spells from. She is at the tower that is out by the water, in front of the Crazed Expiraments castle.
  • Necromancers - Rosethorn Spire near Oasis

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