Brokenskull Rock is a zone consisting of swamp and ocean. It is bounded on the west by Stone Watchers and on the east by Basher's Enclave. To the north lies Ant Colonies and open sea is to the south.

The average mobs in northern Brokenskull Rock are of levels 15 to 25. The average mobs in southern Brokenskull Rock are 45 to 50.
Brokenskull Rock

Brokenskull Rock

The following mobs are typically encountered in Brokenskull Rock:

  • Drowned ghoul
  • Hollow tyrant
  • Void panther
  • Zombie sailor

Points of interestEdit

The zone itself is named after a large mountain, the eastern side of which has fallen in upon itself, to form a likeness of a skull.

In Brokenskull Rock (S) is a troll village, complete with blacksmith and spiritmaster, for those characters appropriately aligned.
Brokenskull Rock village

Village in Brokenskull Rock (S)

A shipwreck is haunted by zombie sailors and drowned ghouls in Brokenskull Rock (W). Each of the stationary undead in this area is a placeholder for Captain Rarehab.
Brokenskull Rock shipwrecked zombies

Shipwrecked zombies in Brokenskull Rock (W)

In Brokenskull Rock (N) and (NW), nearby the various Taw Ew camps, spawns the curiously named panther, Panthor.

The Tae Ew camps themselves are thriving with the fearsome lizard man, and the northern regions of this zone are particularly dangerous for new adventuerers traveling solo.
Brokenskull Rock Tae Ew

Tae Ew in Brokenskull Rock (N)

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