Bear Cave

Bear Cave farm
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Forest
Named Mobs: Stranglesilk
Borders: N: Fog Marsh
E: Blakedown
S: Spider Mine
W: Hagley

Bear Cave is a zone consisting primarily of plains and light forest. It is bounded on the west by Hagley and on the east by Blakedown. To the north lies Fog Marsh and Spider Mine is to the south.

The average mobs in Bear Cave are of levels 15 to 25.

The following mobs are frequently encountered in Bear Cave:

  • Gnoll shaman
  • Gnoll spiritpaw
  • Gnoll strongfang
  • Wolf cub

Points of interestEdit

Several farms populate the land in Bear Cave - these include the Crofter farm in Bear Cave (E) and the Lamb farm in Bear Cave (C).

From the Lamb farm, adventurers can see the entrance to a gnoll cave in Bear Cave (S). The cave is quite extensive, and is home to both gnolls as well as cave spiders. Each cave spider is a potential placeholder mob for the named spider, Stranglesilk.

The zone itself is named after the cave of Gertrude, a shaman who makes her home in Bear Cave (SW). Gertrude is a level 45 shaman. In the early days of EQOA: Classic she was level 25, and more or less an instant spawn. Accordingly, many players would camp and repeatedly kill her for XP.


Bear Cave gnoll cave
Bear Cave Gertrude's cave

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