Basher's Enclave is a zone that consists primarily of swamp. It is bounded on the west by Brokenskull Rock and on the east by Grobb. To the north lies Sslathis and to the south is open sea.
Bashers Enclave

Bashers Enclave

The average mobs in Basher's Enclave are of levels 10 to 20.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Basher's Enclave:

  • Alligator
  • Froglok scout
  • Froglok villager
  • Lizardman caitiff
  • Lizardman fanatic
  • Python

Points of interestEdit

Frogloks, the mortal enemies of trolls, have established several villages in Basher's Enclave, outposts of the froglok kingdom fo Guk.
Bashers Enclave froglok village

Froglok village in Basher's Enclave (N)

Similarily, lizardman cousins of the Tae Ew live a nomadic existence in Basher's Enclave (N).
Bashers Enclave lizardmen

Lizardmen camps in Basher's Enclave (N)

Basher's Enclave itself is a remote troll outpost and training ground for the characteristic troll warriors - the bashers. The enclave itself features a blacksmith and numerous vendors to assist new Troll adventurers beginning their initial adventures into Tunaria.

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