Bandit Hills is a zone consisting primarily of plains and light forests. It is bounded on the west by Jared's Blight and on the east by Highpass Hold. To the north lies Merry-by-Water and Strag's Rest is to the south.
Bandit Hills

Main bandit camp in Bandit Hills

The average mobs in Wyndhaven are of levels 20 to 30.

The following mobs are typically encountered in Bandit Hills:

  • Bandit
  • Serpent Guardian

Points of interestEdit

In Bandit Hills (C) and (W) are various bandit camps. In EQOA: Classic these were highly camped areas for leveling - as they were both close to the nearby gathering area of Darvar Manor, and additionally were known for sought-after items including the Grimblade and Ouch.

Tree spirits congregate on the hillside in Bandit Hills (N). Commonly referred to as "trees", this camp was also highly used in EQOA: Classic.
Bandit Hills tree spirits

Tree Spirits in Bandit Hills (N)

In Bandit Hill (SE) is a small cave that runs rampant with serpents. Deep within spawns the Serpent King.