Ant Colonies

Ant Colonies
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Desert
Borders: N: Sea of Lions
E: Sslathis
S: Basher's Enclave
W: Burial Grounds

Ant Colonies is a zone consisting primarily of deserts in the north, and jungle in the south. It is bounded on the west by Burial Grounds and on the east by Sslathis. To the north lies Sea of Lions and Basher's Enclave is to the south. Ant Colonies is a zone of conflict between two warring ant colonies - the black ants who live in the southern swamps, and the red ants who make their home in the northern deserts.

The average mobs in Ant Colonies are of levels 25 to 40.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Ant Colonies:

  • Black ant leafcutter
  • Black ant scout
  • Black ant warrior
  • Froglok shaman
  • Rock python

Points of interestEdit

The primary black ant hill is found in Ant Colonies (S). Adventurers making their way into the black ant hill find themselves descending far underground; the descent into the hill features one of the highest drops in Tunaria as players leap from the top of the hill far into the depths below.

Red ant hills are located in Ant Colonies (W) and (NW).


Ant Colonies red ant hills
Ant Colonies black ant hill
Ant Colonies

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