Alchemists are a playable class available to Dark Elves, Elves, Erudites, Gnomes, and both Western and Eastern Humans. They are a Caster class.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Secondary Stat: Wisdom

Master ClassesEdit

Alchemists have two Master Class options available to them: Metabolist and Transmuter.

Special Requirements: Reconstructive, 200 WIS, 150 INT.

  • INT MAX: +50
  • INT: +10
  • DR: +25
  • PR: +25
  • PoT: +15

Obtaining the Metabolist master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Miraculous Mixture: Adds: Miraculous Mixture: Creates a healing potion (lore). Heals for 650 (x4 ticks).
  • Immunity: +125 DR, +125 PR.

"Transmuters possess the power of transformation."
Special Requirements: Scientific Method 3, 150 WIS, 200 INT.

  • WIS MAX: +50
  • WIS MAX: +10
  • PR: +50
  • HP Factor: +2

Obtaining the Transmuter master class tag unlocks the following CMs for purchase:

  • Creative Transmutation: Adds: Creative Transmutation: Creates a potion that transforms the drinker into an ogre, increasing their stats. (Other information unknown.)
  • Transmutive Mixture: Adds: Transmutive Mixture: Creates a potion that when thrown at a target will transform it into a rat, reducing its stats. (Other information unknown.)


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