Al-Farak Ruins

Al Farak Ruins
Type: Zone
Location: Tunaria
Loot table: Desert
Named Mobs: Boros Fireeyes
Ganthor Grizzletooth
Borders: N: Muniel's Tea Garden
E: Open Sea
S: Sycamore Joy's Rest
W: Box Canyons

Al-Farak Ruins is a zone consisting primarily of desert. It is bounded on the west by Box Canyons and on the east by open sea. To the north lies Muniel's Tea Garden and Sycamore Joy's Rest is to the south.

The average mobs in Al-Farak Ruins are of levels 30 to 40.

The following mobs are commonly encountered in Al-Farak Ruins:

  • Ancient Gharial
  • Deathfist Legionnaire
  • Deathfist Reaver
  • Deep Sea Ghoul

Points of InterestEdit

The ruins themselves are located in Al-Farak Ruins (C). The skeleton Zakilis is occasionally encountered in the ruins.

The main fortress of the Nasehir bandit lords is located in Al Farak Ruins (E), along the coast. The infamous bandit Boros Fireeyes is frequently found within the city.

Numerous Deathfist camps are located throughout Al-Farak Ruins, especially following a tentative alliance between the Deathfist and the Nasehir. Nearby the Nasehir city itself are located Deathfist camps in Al-Farak Ruins (C) and (E), with the Deathfist warlord Ganthor Grizzletooth occasionally making an appearance in the latter.

In Al-Farak Ruins (C), south of the main fortress, several Nasehir may be found camped out within the hollowed out remains of a fallen elven spire.

A great skeletal bone structure, presumably the remains of a giant whale is found nearby the coastline in Al-Farak Ruins (NE).

A small island is located off the coast in Al-Farak Ruins (E), inhabited by several ancient gharials.


Al Farak Ruins deathfist
Al Farak Nasehir camp
Al Farak Ruins city
Al Farak Ruins

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