ALL ABOUT THOSE STRANGE PETS YOU SEE (this needs editing since new pets have been introduced)

The Howler

The Howler is the tank reward for the Anu village quest, AKA Howler Quest. This is a PROCing pet thats is supposed to die when it takes a CRIT hit.


The Mammoth is the healer reward for the Anu village quest, AKA Howler Quest. This pet protect the healer. This all I know sofar about this pet.

Snowman Fighter

The snowman fighter is the Tank reward for the ZK Pet Quest. It's a lvl 30 melee pet.

Melees get a Tanking Snowman.

Casters get the Big Malign Snowman form.

Healers get a big I-dunno-what-they-get!


Bonewing Familiar

Bonewing Familiar is a pet derived from a stone dropped from Lord V in Dead hills. What is does, I dunno yet! Youcan buy the stone from the Auction if you have around 8mil!

Need to do Lord Valkenier Quest.

Wind-up Rat

This windup rat is the reward from the Gnome Observatory quest, given in Anu Village. The quest gives you a KEY that gives you a level 1 wind-up Rat, and it's NTL. It buffs +15 Agi/Intel.

Need to do Wind up Rat Quest

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